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Support our Crowdfunding campaign to build a new Diabetes Education Centre

Between 2011 and 2016, our Diabetes Education Centre in Mwulire successfully taught 160 vulnerable young diabetics how to manage their diabetes and how to make a living from various vocational skills such as hairdressing, sewing, baking and agriculture. Many graduates were able to make some money and improved their diabetes […]

#Blue November 2017

The final program of the World Diabetes Day 2017 is out, please join us in the campaign to raise awareness about diabetes and advocate for the people living with diabetes:  Screening of Diabetes and other Non-Communicable Diseases at Health Center level (all) (14th to 18th) Prime Minister Office, neighboring Ministries […]

Summer Camp 24-30 July 2016-DIABETES YOUNG LEADERS

Our 4th annual summer camps for young diabetics is cumming up. Do you want to participate, support? email For more information about the program click here

NCD Screenings in Kigali

This week the RDA, in partnership with other international and local organizations, is hosting free NCD screenings in the Car-Free Zone in Kigali’s City Centre. You can come get your blood glucose, blood pressure and vision tested everyday from 10AM – 7PM. Muze mwese twipimishe dufatanye kurwanya no kwirinda Diyabete!


This month RDA Director, Crispin Gishoma, was featured on the Montreal-based radio station CKUT 90.3FM’s show Health on Earth. On this show, Crispin shares his thoughts on diabetes in Rwanda. You’ll also hear from members of the RDA’s partner organization RIIO. To listen to the episode, click HERE.

An exciting and easy organization logo development competition

The East African Non-Communicable Diseases Alliances (EANCDA) is an umbrella union of national Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) Alliances from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar. These are united by the goal of working towards the prevention and control of NCDs in the region. The country alliances are in turn unions […]

RDA 2016 Calendar

RDA welcomes you to it’s activities, for more details click here

World Diabetes Day 2015

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and is associated with a large economic burden, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and premature mortality. Hyperglycaemia is the hallmark clinical manifestation of diabetes and evolves through a multi factorial aetiology of genetic, environmental, and behavioural enablers. Approximately 90% of diabetes cases are the […]

Tour du Rwanda 2015

The World Diabetes Day, led by the International Diabetes Federation and its member associations around the world, is always an opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for the wellbeing of diabetes patients. In Rwanda, together with the Ministry of Health of Rwanda, the Rwanda Biomedical Center, Rwanda Diabetes Association and […]