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Launch of World Diabetes Day by fighting overweight and discrimination of over-weighted and diabetics people

Together with the over-weighted people  living in Kigali who sometimes fear to show up in public, Rwanda Diabetes Association launched the WDD by encouraging the over-weighted people to make sports and advocate against discrimination of this category of people.

Diabetes type 2 as a result of over-weight, this category of people is mostly treated unfavorably the same as other people in the society. The launch event was made into four activities:
 -Education about diabetes and nutrition
– Screening
– walkAll these main activities were made to show the over-weighted people that exercise is not meant for some particular category of people, everyone can make exercise whatever weight he/she got. Rwanda Diabetes Association wanted to emphasize on  how important is exercise and a healthy diet to fight against Diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases.A commitment to make it a weekly event came out of the present people.

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