KN8 Ave, No. 175, Kinamba, Kigali

+250 788 839 235

Our Mission



  • An environment whereby nobody is dying because of diabetes.


  • PREVENT and TREAT diabetes and its complications
  • EDUCATE and MOBILIZE the population of Rwanda around diabetes awareness
  • RESEARCH and PROMOTE the welfare of people living with diabetes and their families
  • ADVOCATE and PARTNER with the Rwandan government, national and international organizations to fight against diabetes


  • In our clinic in Kinamba, Kigali, we provide medical treatment, information on diabetes management and nutrition, counselling and medical supplies. We promote innovations in diabetic research, create networks between stakeholders and we host the registry of diabetics in Rwanda.
  • Our “Care for Youth with Diabetes Program” (Life for A Child) provides care and education for children and young adults up to 25 years who live with diabetes. Thanks to this program, the supply of free insulin, needles, glucose meters and test strips have been available since 2003.
  • We reach diabetics all over Rwanda through outreach initiatives and quarterly visits to district hospitals, where we provide the necessary support, awareness, diabetes education and medical supplies.
  • At our Diabetes Education Center in Mwurire (near Rwamagana) we provide six months of vocational training and diabetes management lessons for vulnerable young diabetics – enabling them to be self-reliant after the Life for A Child program.
  • In addition, we organize annual diabetes camps which assist youth and young adults with diabetes to overcome some of the challenges they face, raising hope in their lives.
  • Other regular activities include the free diabetes screening and information during World Diabetes Day and other public or private events. We also train health professionals and raise awareness through radio talk shows and newspaper articles.