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Support our Crowdfunding campaign to build a new Diabetes Education Centre

Between 2011 and 2016, our Diabetes Education Centre in Mwulire successfully taught 160 vulnerable young diabetics how to manage their diabetes and how to make a living from various vocational skills such as hairdressing, sewing, baking and agriculture. Many graduates were able to make some money and improved their diabetes management.

As the owner claimed the land of the centre, it had to be closed in 2016. RDA has started to build a new centre in Gakoni on Lake Muhazi but lack the funds to finish the construction.

Your contribution will help us to save lives of many young adults living with diabetes, as poverty and lack of skills in addition to poorly managed diabetes is often life-threatening for them. Your support will help them to live better with their condition and to acquire useful skills for their future.

Three classrooms are already built, the kitchen, restaurant and workshop are half-finished. Dormitories and sanitary facilities still need to be built.

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